1957 Chevrolet Bel Air


1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
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Happy Days are Here Again!

What is it about 1957? This year is very significant in the age of the
Automobile. Numerous models came out of American design studios that made
huge impacts in the car world that have lasted to this day.

Other impacts in the 1950s were new car cultures. Both drive-in restaurants
and drive-in movie theaters made their debuts. It soon became fashionable
to be seen in unique automobiles at these establishments.

The "Tri-Five" Bel Air and Nomads from Chevy were the affordable, everyman
cars to be seen in. This was also the beginning of what was to become a move
to the future with more power and areo-space design ques. The culmination
of the Tri-Five was the 1957 Bel Air. Up front it had the twin rocket hood
ornaments and the rear had the chrome accented tail fins. The drive-train
was also the origin of the Small Block V-8 and the Turbo Hydramatic
automatic transmission. Unfortunately the iconic Tri-Five went away in 1958
with a complete restyle of the Bel Air.

Back to 1957. Our Bel Air comes to us from a Wonderful Lady who said that
she is over this number. She was born in 57. She had sold her house,
number 1957 and it was time for her beloved 1957 Chevy to go. This was the
quintessential drive on Sunday morning car. Purchased nearly 10 years ago
at an online auction, she wanted a toy. The car was described as just out
of restoration and being sold on behalf of an estate. It provided her and
her family a way to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy life. We picked
the car up on a beautiful Sunday afternoon from her fantastic single-car,
air-conditioned garage. Immediately we noticed the
extreme straightness of the car. Panel fit looked nearly perfect along with
all the chrome in perfect condition. In the trunk were very carefully
packed boxes of spare parts including the original Radiator and oil-bath
Air filter assembly. On the drive home to the dealership, much to our
pleasant surprise, was how well the car drove. Accelerating effortlessly,
Shifting smoothly and Stopping straight put a big smile on our face. The
smiles at the street lights from the public also gave us thoughts of living
in a much simpler time. A time of driving to Big Boy restaurants and
Drive-In movie theaters smiling the whole way with the top down, wind in our
hair and shoulders reared back.



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