About Us

Experience is the one word that wraps up why you want to call Motorcar Gallery. Motorcar Gallery’s roots go back to the early 1970’s, when Ed Waterman started an exotic car dealership in Virginia. The exotic Ferraris, Maseratis, Rolls-Royces, and Etceterini that sit at the pinnacle of the collector car values today were the staples of the business. 

Ed moved to Florida in 1984, opening the now legendary, Motorcar Gallery, on the main drag near downtown Fort Lauderdale. Over the next 34 years 1,300 cars from 71 of the most prestigious manufactures were sold by Motorcar Gallery. The assortment included 400 plus Ferraris, 114 Maseratis, and 113 Rolls Royces. We sell the rare cars you remember from magazine covers as well as interesting collectables that fit a smaller budget.

In August of 2018 Motorcar Gallery got an infusion of new blood. Brothers, Diego Ribadeneira and Barry Lundgren, bought a majority interest of Motorcar Gallery. Long time sales manager, Tom Clark joined them as a partner and Ed Waterman still retains an interest.

Diego and Barry were born with the automobile gene. Their grandfather had been the Packard importer for Ecuador and the family has had an interest in several vehicle related businesses. Diego is a serious enthusiast who enjoys racing and rallying events. He has participated in the Miglia Mille, the Carrera Panamericana, Tour Auto, and the LeMans Classic. Diego is the on-site principal.

Barry grew up in the Honda business. He helped his family build a Boston area Honda motorcycle dealership into a multistore Honda automobile business. Barry also inherited the automobile gene. He’s an active participant in racing, rallying, and show events. You may know Barry from his Share the Enzo campaign. If Barry’s Ferrari Enzo is stationary he’s normally next to it helping people in and out. Barry finds the fun in having an Enzo is sharing it with other people. You can follow Barry and the car at SharetheEnzo on Instagram.

Tom Clark’s migration from Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale was in the right side of his father’s Ferrari Lusso. A small fleet of the Clark’s other exotics soon followed as the family set up shop in South Florida. For many years, the Clarks operated The Steering Wheel, a franchised Maserati dealer and exotic car emporium. Tom grew up at the dealership, gaining unique first-hand knowledge of the cars and the business.

Our wealth of knowledge means we know to pick the best cars and how to prep them to give you the most enjoyable ownership experience. When you call Motorcar Gallery, you’ll be talking to someone who's lived with the cars they're representing.

We have over 200 years of combined in-house exotic, vintage and collector car experience. From the common to the obscure, there are few models of collector cars we’re not familiar with. From the racetrack, to the concours field, to vintage rallies, and Sunday drives, we are participants in the fun part of classic car hobby.

We also understand the complicated economics of buying & selling collector cars. We’re here to help you navigate value, inspections, finance, transportation, storage, and the maintenance of a vintage car.

When you’re ready to buy a collector, vintage or exotic car, nobody brings more to the table than Motorcar Gallery. Call us today to begin your adventure and let us help find the classic car of your dreams.

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